Danielle Vasinova Is a Real Supernova

If you still don't know it, let her bold dreams convince you.

Невена Дякова
Невена Дякова 22 май 2023

Photography: Susan Bowlus
Hair & Makeup: Sylvia Dimaki with Armani Beauty and Living Proof
Styling: Luiza Renuart
Management: Key Talent Management
Agent: Madeleine Almering @ Salt Models
PR: SGG Public Relations

She fulfilled the dream of many girls - to have a career in the movie industry. She is always open to discovering new horizons, both literally and figuratively. Danielle Vasinova is our brand new cover star, who is not afraid to talk about the challenges of the profession, the big plans and the wildest dreams. So let's do it.


You’re an actress with a passion for action movies. What do you like the most about being in the film industry?

I have a passion for great storytelling, whether it’s action, drama, rom-com, or comedy. I love being immersed in the creative process of bringing stories to life. Being part of something bigger than myself is energizing and fulfilling in ways I’ve only experienced in the film industry.

Danielle Vasinova

A.L.C. dress

What’s the biggest challenge for you as a professional in that field?

I would have to say constant rejection. I audition frequently, I hear 'no' more than 'yes' and that can lead to self-doubt. Finding a way to persevere is essential.

Who or what is your guiding light?

My family. I’m doing something in my career that my grandmother always wanted to do but wasn’t able to. She immigrated to America from Czechoslovakia with little more than the clothes she was wearing. I drew inspiration from her to create a new life. My mother is one of my greatest supporters - she lifts me up, especially during difficult times, and has been a constant cheerleader.

Have you ever thought of what your life would be if you had chosen another career path?

Yes, almost every day. (Laughs.) I was actually asked to become a professional horse jockey. However, when I found out the likelihood of injury, I decided that I should stick to acting.

Danielle Vasinova

ZARA skirt, NILI LIOTAN shirt

What does a typical day of yours look like?

Every day is different. Sometimes I’m up at 3:00 in the morning to be on set by 5:00 to shoot, some days I’m in the studio doing a voiceover, other days it’s all about memorizing lines and doing self-tapes. I also have days where I’m focusing on polishing skills like swordplay, motorcycle riding, or new martial art.

How often do you work out? What keeps you in shape in general?

With my variable schedule, I frequently do 'micro' workouts almost every day, twenty minutes of HIIT cardio or pilates. For longer workouts, I do power yoga sessions a couple of times a week. I also change up and combine routines that include outdoor activities like hiking and horseback riding. Doing something is important to me, even dancing is a great workout.

How important is physical appearance for actors today compared to the 90s in your opinion?

I was a kid in the 90s, so I don’t have a good basis for comparison. However, I believe in health-conscious body positivity. As a method actor, I will do whatever it takes to bring a character to life and tell their story in the most compelling way.

Danielle Vasinova


What is the skill set needed to stay and grow in the creative field?

Consistency, reinvention, being able to surround yourself with good people. That includes constantly learning from those that are smarter and more talented. Having a mindset that means not just thinking outside of the box but thinking that there is no box.

How often do you get the chance to travel and unwind?

Being able to travel for roles is a great perk of being an actor. For example, I shot a series in South Africa and had the chance to see and experience many things I otherwise never would have been able to. Making time for self-care is critical. I feel that meditation, stillness, and quiet contemplation are part of a healthy routine as well as having a growth-oriented mindset.

Danielle Vasinova


Where is your happy place?

On a horse!

Your guilty pleasure?

White pizza with lots and lots of truffles! And garlic!

Your nearest goal?

To book as a regular in a Western series and/or a comic book series.

Your wildest dream?

To be a billionaire movie studio owner and to create my own charitable foundation to give back.