Everyone, get to know Tania Victoria Marin

Our new digital cover star keeps on going and she won't stop for a moment.

10 септември 2022

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• Photography: Camilo Rios • Production: Marcela Mayorga Meignan • Styling: Manuela Gutierrez • Location: Billionaires Miami • Make Up & Hair: Julia @ Peechy Group

Tania Victoria Marín combines her career as an international model, investor and mother of two little girls. Three complicated worlds, which she manages to unite thanks to the intelligent use of technology, travel and constant learning. 

Her professional life keeps her on the go - from the catwalks of Miami, Dubai or Santo Domingo, to the tennis court, with a stop on her phone or laptop to see how the shares are doing on Wall Street, right before playing with her daughters, Aaliyah Victoria, 5 years old, and Emma Luna, 3 years old.

Tania's exotic features and stylized figure oriented her to the world of modeling and participation in Miss Venezuela. But life had other plans. The premature death of her father forced her to work from a young age, but that's her secret to achieving any goal.

'Lifestyle is how you live, and it reflects who you are. A lifestyle can also reflect your attitude or your personal values', she is sure. 'To me it is very important to have healthy lifestyle because it’s a way of living that helps me to enjoy more aspects of my life. Health is not just about avoiding a disease or illness. It is about physical, mental and social well-being too.'

If you ask her, you'll find out that success is a journey. Because no one is successful after a single victory. 'I have come to realize that success isn’t defined by money, job status or keeping up with the society standards. Success simply means that you are showing up, attempting to move forward and you are open to the self-growth process. In my book, if you do that, you are a success.'