We don't know about you, but Marie Latka is here to stay

Our new digital cover star navigates through modeling and life with the realization it's all up to us.

30 септември 2022

• Model: Marie Latka • Photography: Emil Sinanagic • Styling, Hair & Makeup: Alisa Radoi

Is modeling something you wanted to do or it’s just how things turned out to be?

When I was younger, I always looked up to these beautiful models on the runway, but never saw myself there. I used to be a professional athlete. I did vaulting which is acrobating on a horse. I competed on both national and international levels, and there was nothing more important in my life than training. Not until a choreographer came up to me and told me to visit the agency. I was 19 years old and although my back and knees hurt from training, I loved it. I got my bachelor's degree in Psychology, but for 2 years I'm doing modeling full time, and I can say that I enjoy and love every single minute.

We don't know about you, but Marie Latka is here to stay

Acne Studios look

What’s the best part of the job?

I think all the new places and people you see. Also, it makes you grow so much. You have to travel around the world completely alone. You arrive in cities where you don’t know anything or anyone, but it makes you step out of your comfort zone. I've met many of my best friends through modeling. I feel so blessed.

What about the worst?

Of course, there is a time when you feel very lonely or have to leave a place you don’t want to leave. The competition can be tough, and so do the comments you hear about yourself. It's important to separate your job from your personality.


Dior look

What does your go-to outfit look like?

Most of the time I opt for something chill and carefree. I wear a black skirt over my knees and a crop top for castings or when I go out.

You are very active on social media. Is there something you don’t share with your followers?

I don't post too much about my relationship. I learned that some things don’t belong to the Internet.

Most of your captions are inspiring and all about power. Why?

You know, things happen, and you have to decide - to break or to grow. I refuse to break. I fight, and I think everyone has the power to change their life. To build one they can't wait to wake up to. It's important to sit down and realize the key to success is in ourselves. We don’t need to search, we have it inside.


Many famous faces have started showing their reality on social media. What’s your take on the matter? Do you want to see the beauty all touched up or the #nofilter perspective is better?

I love to be funny and share some scenes of real life because that’s the reality. I don’t shame myself for who I am.


How do you spend your free time?

I love spending it with my family and friends. I have a French bulldog - when I'm home, I cuddle with him 24/7. Of course, I love sports and all different kinds of activities.


How would you introduce yourself to someone who has just met you for the first time?

Hi, I'm Marie. I'm from Germany, and I don’t know how I ended up here.

Tell us something no one knows about you…

Sometimes I'm also insecure even if I look very confident and open to other people. In the past, I was super shy and insecure. Up to this day, I sometimes think I'm not enough. Then I remember. I'm enough and I'm worth it.



• Photography: Alexander Stuckenbrock • Hair & Makeup: Denise Niedfeld