Mae Ye's Creative Journey in "Alice"

14 юни 2023

Text: Crystal Hough
Photography: Youn Jung Kim

Mae Ye, the founder of A Little More, a fashion jewelry brand based in New York, has recently made waves as the creative director of the fashion short film "Alice." In collaboration with influencer Alice Chen, the film showcases a diverse definition of beauty and celebrates individual uniqueness. We sat down with Mae to discuss her vision and the creative process behind "Alice".

Mae Ye

Can you tell us the inspiration behind the film? 

The inspiration came from my deep conversations with Alice herself. It's about her personal growth, the feeling of being alone in a foreign country, chasing dreams, dealing with reality, the challenges faced by women, and her transformation over time. As she described her experiences, I could see reflections of myself and many other people. It perfectly aligned with what I wanted to express - having a lifestyle that isn't defined by labels or restricted by others, a more inclusive and free way of living.

What were your main concerns during the pre-production process? 

For the pre-production part, I had a few things on my mind. One was making sure the film would be aesthetically appealing to a wider audience. In fashion, we often showcase beautiful and expressive models or actors, but this time, we focused on an ordinary girl who isn't comfortable in front of the camera. Although Alice creates content on social media, it doesn't mean she's confident in front of the lens. So, during the shoot, I constantly encouraged her and made her feel at ease.

Mae Ye

One of the accessories you used was the Gem Bag of THEYKNOW. What was the most captivating part of it? 

Well, firstly, the quality was impressive. The bag was made entirely of leather, both inside and out. And the design really caught my attention. The handle had a slightly inward curve, which added an elegant detail while maintaining a modern look. Plus, the bag had magnetic closures, which I found convenient. And I also considered the color, especially because we were shooting on film. The red color of the gem bag appeared stunning on screen. 

Mae Ye

Any regrets during the filming process? 

We had some fantastic shots that we couldn't include in the final version. Considering the fast-paced nature of content consumption nowadays, we had to keep the editing focused on the core elements. Anyways, I want to express my gratitude to the team involved in the shoot, including the photographer and cinematographer, Youn Jung Kim, and Doug Durant. 

Did any unforgettable experience occur during the filming process?

Yes! There is one time Alice got separated from the team around 36th Street and 5th Avenue. We were all searching for her, and in the final editing, we included that segment. It added an element of "getting lost" in life, I think it's quite interesting.

Mae Ye