Back to black & white with Marcel Castellano

Ася Иванова
Ася Иванова 07 юни 2024

Artistic and Creative Direction: Marcel Castellano
Photographer: Alan Sandoval
Videographer: Carlos Ruiz
Wardrobe: PANDORA, ASOS, GUCCI,  Mexican Local Artisans Asian Independent Designers, TELFAR, PRADA, ZARA
Model: Marcel Castellano
Styling: Kike Hernandez
Makeup and hair: Massiel Castellano
Production assistant: Paola Lozano

How do you think being able to express yourself through your feelings and intuition has influenced the evolution of your art and the identity you project as a creator?

Being able to express myself through my feelings and intuition has been the best tool for my art. I love what I do and how I do it; it identifies me, and having the conviction to express myself makes me stronger and more confident in what I present to the world as a unique and authentic proposal of myself.

What role does education play in your professional development, and how do you think these new techniques you are learning can impact your vision and the fashion industry?

Currently, I am strengthening my studies as an artist, learning many ancestral techniques to offer a unique and exotic vision to the industry. I consider education as the fundamental basis for finding the best version of yourself and evolving your talent.

What challenges do you face when transitioning from being an artist to becoming an entrepreneur? How do you prepare to make your projects a reality and live off your art?

I believe that the transition from artist to entrepreneur arises from that vision of making my career work and being able to live off my talents, those tools that God has given me, and the determination to execute each of my projects.

How did the inspiration behind your "Latin Proud" project come about? How do you plan to positively impact the communities of artisans and knowledge holders in Latin America?

My artistic/cultural project "Latin Proud" arose from a heartfelt call through awareness. Currently, it is a foundation that seeks to rescue our roots, traditions, and culture through education and the execution of audiovisual projects that empower indigenous communities in Latin America.

What does it mean to you to be an Artistic Director, and how do you believe your experience from childhood directing and creating art and fashion has shaped your style and vision as a designer?

Being an Artistic Director has been my life. Since childhood, I have been directing and creating art and fashion. I remember when I used to hold fashion shows at home with my mom's clothes, using my sister as a model, and when I grabbed my mother's sewing machine to start making my first pieces. It's quite curious, but my mother's dream was also to be a fashion designer. Currently, we are developing our dream together and have a workshop in my hometown, Puerto Cabello, Venezuela, where we are creating our first collection as a brand.

How would you describe the creative process behind your first collection as a brand, and what cultural and personal elements are reflected in it?

My first collection will be a blend of many textures, maintaining that connection with Mother Earth that characterizes me, as well as all my passion for Latin American culture. We will have collaborations with other artists who develop ancestral craftsmanship to create a unique aesthetic of a futuristic Latin concept.

How do you define the experience of being an artist, and what message or emotions do you hope to convey through your creations and shows?

Being an artist is the ability to express yourself in a thousand ways. I invite you to live and enjoy my show. I am Marcel Castellano, and I will make your eyes shine. I am pure energy in essence, in a single connection with the universe itself.