Yes, perfumery is a form of art

06 април 2024

I'm Alice Rita Giugni, Maître Parfumeur, olfaction educator and flower therapist. Fascinated by perfumes since I was a child, I studied perfume composition and aromatherapy at the Italian School of Perfume in Florence, where I learned the ancient techniques of Florentine perfumery. I followed smell education and perfumery courses in Tuscany, Milan and elsewhere Bologna by deepening the study of the physiology, biochemistry of smell and of aroma chemicals.

Subsequently I specialized as a custom perfume maker and educator to the sense of smell at an ancient and historic herbalist's shop in Florence, the city in which I then went worked for large perfume brands as a custom perfume maker. I studied naturopathy and obtained a master's degree in flower therapy in order to be able to realize perfumes that were also therapeutic and could instill well-being in those who were there wear or in an environment, through the use of essential oils and Bach flowers. I have a perfume atelier in Prato where I create personalized perfumes for private individuals and companies. I create artistic perfumes: distillates of emotions, dreams and memories.


I love making perfumes on measure because I believe that each fragrance is, just like people, unique: it tells a story, contains emotions, messages, memories and before putting in my bottles I put the essences inside my soul. To the question "who is a perfumer?" For me it is each of his creations. I conceive perfumery as a form of art, through which to tell and celebrate beauty and also as a powerful means of communication through which be able to express themselves. I think fragrances have an inexhaustible versatility and can be applied to infinite circumstances to recreate atmospheres, convey messages, inspire emotions and imprint memories. For this reason I love synesthetic collaborations between perfume and any other world and I have worked and work with painters, art galleries in the which I exhibit olfactory works of art, composers and musicians, chefs and bartenders, writers and high fashion designers.

For me everything has a perfume and everything can be translated into a fragrance: the colours, the materials, fabrics, shapes, places, music, a song, a book, foods. Because for me perfume is a tool to bring beauty and well-being into the world world, mine is a vegan and cruelty free perfumery: I don't use original essences animal, my perfumes and the raw materials I use are not tested on animals.