Eleonora Bernardi Zizola is all about power

Our new digital cover star believes in reality. And it's here to give you a lesson in street style.

27 януари 2023

• Photography: Marta Skovro • Hair & Makeup: Romana Lai @romana117 • Production: Woman Power • PR: Valentina Gurova

Tell us more about yourself.

I'm a former Italian national basketball player, now a fashion blogger and activist for inclusion and diversity. See womanpower.it for more.


Bag NewBottega, coat Dries Van Noten

What does beauty mean to you? 

Representing reality and authenticity.

Who had the biggest influence on you when it came to modeling?

I've always loved Naomi Campbell, Liu Wen, Adriana Lima, Heidi Klum, Cindy Crawford.


Bag Coperni, sunglasses Dolce & Gabbana, coat Sacai

What is the best advice you have ever received about achieving goals in the industry?

I think the only good advice is to stay true to your reality and fight wholeheartedly for what you believe in.


Since you are traveling a lot, how different are takes on body positivity in different countries?

Very much, but we are so beautiful for just being so different.

What is your next move?

The next step is to stay positive. The one after that - to stay positive again.