Stella Manente: Dreaming & Expecting

Our new digital cover star believes dreams are what really makes us happy.

23 март 2022

Photography: @fashion.maternity.milano Hair: @solod_hairstyle_official Makeup: @makeuptamtadgvarelli Styling: @angelinalepperstylist Wardrobe: @loropiana

What are you really proud of?

The thing I'm most proud of is definitely becoming a mother. I've been waiting for this moment for many years and just when I was losing hope, it happened. Some time ago I would have said that my greatest satisfactions were my goals, but today I’ll tell you I’m most proud of knowing the people who really love me and I can rely on. This is the most precious gift.

Stella Manente: Dreaming & Expecting

Photography: @gabrielebattaglino_mi Hair & makeup: @Sabryhairstyle @arvismilano

Thousands of people around the world want to become models or TV presenters, but only a few succeed. Why? What is the secret of these few? Is there something that guarantees success in this field?

Only a few are successful because maybe only a few really want it! The world of entertainment requires great determination, a lot of courage. The secret is to never give up, even when we think that there are no more possibilities. There are no factors that guarantee success, because this job that doesn’t work with guarantees. If I have to explain it in three words, I would say luck (always helps), determination to achieve your dreams and a lot of commitment.

How have you met your future husband?

I'll have to tell you a funny story. Italy was under lockdown due to Covid. We couldn’t even leave the house, except for emergencies. I saw him on Instagram story of a common friend and wrote him a direct message (which I never do). In this very moment I would have thought everything, but never that this man would become the father of my son.

стела маненте

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How do you expect your life to change after giving birth? Pretty sure it’s going to be different.

I’m sure my life will change completely. Everyone is warning us to sleep as much as possible, because soon we will not have enough time. Even if we don’t sleep and have no more spare time, we will have the most beautiful reason for it.

What is the secret of true happiness?

I think the happiest person is the one in whose soul there’s no trace of wickedness. Those who strive to achieve happiness, glory and power do not understand that happiness lies in simple things, and that simpler life is actually much, much richer.

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Photography: @albertobuzzanca Hair & makeup: @vanessabarriocostumes Dress: @apherodesign

What is beauty? At least when it comes to your personal understanding.

Beauty has no rules, it just exists. Beauty is the truth. Beauty is the imperfection. Beauty is everything that is in harmony. It is difficult to explain it because the mystery of life is in searching the beauty.

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Photography: @fashion.maternity.milano Hair: @solod_hairstyle_official Makeup: @makeuptamtadgvarelli Styling: @angelinalepperstylist Wardrobe: VOL

How do you see see yourself in 5 years?

In 5 years I see myself 5 years older. (Laughs.) So wiser, stronger, more mature, maybe mother again. Cinema remains my dream, so I will continue to study and work on that matter. And on myself.

Is cinema your main creative plan moving forward?

I have always been a volcano in life. With about to become a mother, I feel like I have calmed down a bit. We have to build a bigger house and to open a restaurant with my husband. As for my career, I have a TV and a theater project. All in all, my priority would be motherhood. I was born a dreamer and still believe that having dreams is the basis of happiness.

стела маненте

Photography: @gabrielebattaglino_mi Hair & makeup: @Sabryhairstyle @arvismilano
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